2 Steps Forward 4 Steps Back

All of a sudden all the steps I took in moving forward, meant nothing. Because one little thing took me back to the start, and it feels like yesterday again.

I had gone so long without crying, so long without feeling like a failure, and one little thing set me off and I am back at the beginning. I guess I should have known it the feeling of being at peace wouldn’t last forever. Maybe I just need a day to not be put together.

It was nothing that set me off, literally nothing. And that is what has me confused.

Heres to hoping all of my moving forward isn’t lost to one day.


5 thoughts on “2 Steps Forward 4 Steps Back

  1. Sometimes when the grief hits us from nowhere it’s the worst kind of day. You aren’t a failure and you are a wonderful human being and partner and mom to Ryker. (I love his name, I really do) Just take it a day at a time, hell even hour by hour when you have those really bad days. Know that you’re angel is still with you. {Hugs}

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  2. I have great empathy for you , like you I go long periods of time where I am okay, then out of the blue the tears just begin and I am set back to square one, the heartache feels fresh once again , happened to me yesterday while watching a movie, it’s a new release , sci fi, something she would never have watched…. and quite suddenly I was reduced to tears .

    I wish I could tell you that this will eventually stop happening, but to be honest I do not know if it ever will, I have no magic words to heal your pain and grief, all I can do is gently remind you, you have a friend who understands , my thoughts are with you today, may your day be at peace and harmony .

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  3. Its been years for since I have lost my sister, I can be in a store, see a picture of a cow, or quilt and boom, I am crying….no controlling, tears streaming down the face….I have come to the realization that no matter how much times goes by…the pain is just to great to suppress and it leaks out….it happens with others that I have lost also…I feel for you…you haven’t gone back to the beginning…there is no way you could….it may feel like it, but you have come a long way….many hugs……hope your having a better day….kat

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