Holidays Coming Soon…

Tim and I are going to Queensland to visit my family in February. The funny thing is even though its been a year, when I think of our family doing something, I always think three; Tim, myself and Ryker. I know its only two, but for some reason I have to remind myself.

Now my next dilema, do I take Ryker’s ashes with me. Travelling with them isn’t the problem, its how everyone else will feel if I take them. I don’t want to feel like I’ve left Ryker behind.


3 thoughts on “Holidays Coming Soon…

  1. your not leaving him behind, he is in your heart forever….I carry a small vile with my sisters ashes in them…..I don’t tell anyone, its just for me to know she’s always with me…that’s what I do and it helps me feel closer to her….sweetheart you need to do whatever it is that makes you feel complete….enjoy your vacation….kat

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