Inspiration Day 01

5:15AM my tablet is at 33% and sleep is far from my mind, its been a long time since I’ve had a restless sleep like this. My eyes want to close, but my brain won’t turn off. I’m normally really good at finding a way to clear my mind, however something has been bugging me tonight, my blog is full of negativity, and I won’t lie; thats mainly because when I am sad or irrated thats when I write. My life for the last year has some awesome moments, it’s had moments where i have forgotten all of my problems and been happy, but I don’t tend to write about those moments because well, I am happy living my life and I dont need to get anything off my chest. But I’ve decided to fix my negative blog problem.

Everyday of 2016 I am going to share something inspirational, be it a quote, a picture or a story. Because I may be  happy sometimes, but I am also depressed to sometimes, and need a lift up. I will also continue to blog all of my negativity, because well thats why I started to blog anyway. So, let’s begin.

Day 1



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