Almost 1 and 1st Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, if your not from Australia then let me describe what our Christmas is like; there is no ‘white christmas’, instead we have 40 degree day that makes you sweat and wonder what life would be like in the snow, the aircon is fully pumping and kids are usually out by the pool with their bathers(or togs, or swim wear depends where shouts in oz you are from)on.

Lunch in my family normally contains a bbq with family gathered by the outside patio. Christmas gifts are given in the morning to try and avoid the heat, while sipping on champaign and strawberries(the only day you will see my mother drink) while eating croissants. Not getting to play with your presents to you either get home or everyone has left depending on who is hosting Christmas that year.

That was my simple Christmas up until I became a chef, the I missed every other Christmas cooking for others who were celebrating. And now I will never get to give that experience to Ryker, he will never get to open his toys, and try not to let his cousins steal them, or go jumping into the pool at 8am because it has already reached 30 degrees with 85% humidity. Later in life(much later) he’ll never get his first experience of tasting champaign with strawberries while his great grandmother comes down from Cairns(North Queensland, my family is in Brisbane) on her annual trip. He will never get the ‘little things’.


And then not long after Christmas, still in the scorching heat of summer Ryker will be turning 1. One whole year without my baby boy. Now to decide what to do for his birthday, I’ve already decided I will have his birthday off from work, but that’s all I have decided.


5 thoughts on “Almost 1 and 1st Christmas

  1. ❤ I will trade your summer christmas so that you could have Ryker’s first christmas and birthday here in the States with snow. I do love the picture of Ryker-such a handsome baby. I so wish I could give you a loving and strong hug. You have strength beyond measure. You give me strength when I read your posts and my heart goes out to you and for you. And I am sending you the biggest hug from the States ❤️

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  2. ❤ Thank you. This photo is one of my favourites of Ryker. I am glad I can give you strength, because sometimes that’s all you need. And I wish I could run away to the States for a white Christmas, that would be amazing. Sending big hugs your way xxx


  3. What a beautiful lil man. Celebrate his birthday it can be healing. Do happy things to remember him. I make cupcakes for my son’s birthday every year and bring them to the nurses at the birthing center. My Alex would be 12 and the pain some days is still white hot and searing and some days I can remember him with a smile. Stay strong mama one day you will remember him with a smile instead of a tear and it is an amazing day.

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    • Thank you. For Ryker’s birthday I decided I will be buying a bunch of toys and donating them to the hospital that Ryker was born. I think I am going to make it a tradition, so even when I have more children they can help. Xxx

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