10 Months in 16 Days

In 16 days Ryker has been gone for 10 months, 10 whole months. And when I think about it in some ways I’ve gone backwards. There was a period of time where I thought I was moving forward really well. But then now I’m stuck in this limbo, I’m not moving forward, but I’m not moving back. Telling people that Ryker was stillborn is getting easier, but telling people his story is getting harder.


3 thoughts on “10 Months in 16 Days

  1. Feeling like you’re in limbo doesn’t mean you’re stuck — maybe it’s just a rest period for your brain. You’re very courageous to share your story, which I think is important for others to hear. After one of my sisters lost a child in the same way, she never spoke of it again. As if the child never existed. She suffers in silence, making her grief even worse.

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  2. I agree with painkills2….your not going backwards, or forwards….limbo is strong….your still grieving…its different for everyone…don’t be to hard on yourself…your not stuck, your still processing….deep breaths….it is getting easier….xxkat

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  3. I understand. Over the years I have “lost ” my now 30ish children on and off to drugs. It is all gut wrenching and far too many of us have to get past our particular circumstances with children. Thanks visit my blog. I hope the cartoons can brighten your days somewhat.

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