Maybe She’s A Bitch, Maybe She’s Born With It.

Just the other day Tim went to the pub with his mate, I was not present I was working like usual, and something strange happened to him. He and his mate started talking with the girls at the table next them, they first started talking about dogs, and then how dogs are like kids and then they started talking about kids. Tim went quiet for a bit, and then one of the ladies asked him if he had any children, and he told them they he did and that he is was stillborn, one of the other ladies at the table then went on about how she had an abortion, and starting going on about how he was condemning her and judging her, and from what I can gather from both the boys was that Tim didn’t even say anything. Basically the woman was getting agitated over nothing, literally over the fact that we had a stillborn and this woman had an abortion. Tim even told her that he didn’t have a problem with this woman having an abortion, he didn’t know her and he didn’t know her position, so it was none of his business, but she kept going at him. This got Tim all worked up, because somehow she is comparing the two. She is making this massive deal that because our son died my partner has to be anti-abortion and then for that reason he has a problem with her? Makes any sense to anyone?

Now this rant is about this wonderful (sarcasm is at its full throttle here) woman (I know this because you made it your point to make sure my partner know’s this,) that I have not meet, this woman who if I ever do meet I would most likely punch, (I have been itching to punch someone lately, and I am not violent I PROMISE,) the woman who made my partner so uncomfortable and angry that he had to leave the pub because he couldn’t handle it without making a scene.

Dear woman who I do not know,

I do not care that you had an abortion, that simply is none or my partners business, and even if it was neither of us would care, that is your choice, and if you are having regrets or have a guilty conscious please do not take it out on a father who’s only son died during birth, he had no choice. But what I really want to know is why you felt the need to personally attack my partner? What was it that made you hate the fact that our son died and your fetus was aborted? I believe that was your choice, so why attack him? His not even against abortion and he told you this.

Do you not feel ashamed of your self (NOT FOR THE ABORTION, just clarifying here), for attacking someone like that? Do you not feel disgusted in yourself? How can you do that to someone you don’t even know? Is it because you think that somehow in your tiny brain you feel guilt that you chose to end your pregnancy when people like Tim and me who desperately wanted their baby, had no choice in the matter and he died? If so, don’t. Do not feel guilty, I do not blame you, I do not believe that you did the wrong thing, I think for you, you did the right thing. That was what you needed to do. How can I blame you for any thing, any harm?

I hope you see this most definite letter to you, because maybe it would open you eyes, so that you can see sometimes not everything, not everyone is out to get you.

Maybe I made my point clear, maybe she might just stumble across this letter to her and read it, and think ‘Shit, I was bitch.’ Maybe she won’t think to attack people personally when they have nothing against her decisions, but maybe she won’t find this letter and she will stay being a bitch.


3 thoughts on “Maybe She’s A Bitch, Maybe She’s Born With It.

  1. An unfortunate event for Tim, and for you. I am sorry for such things. But they sometimes happen. The loss of a child seems like more than enough grief in one’s life, but life being what it is, there may be more. Hard to say why the woman was compelled to bitch Tim out. It seems as if she was feeling: Guilty? Sad? Regretful? And hadn’t faced that part of her post abortion experience yet. I feel almost everyone is trying to make it through this life. It’s a struggle for everybody, even those who seem to have it made or feel the need to bitch at a stranger. Yet her behavior was still wrong. You sound as if you are doing better. I hope you both are. Don’t feel guilty that you might forget your loss. You won’t. But you can build an altar in your heart. Hang in.

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  2. OH how RUDE of her to do that to Tim! It seems like she was trying to justify it by attacking. She US a bitch. And such a horrid thing to happen to Tim and then you as well. You did not choose what happened to Ryker. Just know he is your angel baby, always watching out for you, and he will send another baby when it’s time. You are so STRONG, Denika! I commend you on your strength-and Tim too for not punching that stupid bitch in her mouth. {Strongs and Hugs}

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  3. Your poor husband… what a bitch and how disrespectful to your husband and his friend….so sad for both of you….I love that you wrote her a letter….good job sister…hope your husband didn’t let her insensitive mouth hurt him to much….what a pig she is….good job my friend…stay strong….thanks for sharing with us…..

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