Every Story Is Different

I’ve found that I only write when something triggers my emotions, I only right when my mood is low. But then I forget to write about what happens on the day to day basis when life is ‘normal’ again, when I am my ‘new normal’. I’ve found a way to smile again, I’ve found a way to be the new me.

I don’t spend my days crying, I can get out of bed everyday. I push myself to my limits again and I have found a new happiness. I spend my days talking about my son, I spend my days talking about things that don’t matter.

I guess life has found it’s way back to me. I’ve made new friends, lost old friends and found out who really is there for me. I know it’s ok to cut people out of my life, and that my life is my own. I don’t need anyone else to approve, I don’t need to make anyone else happy. I don’t need to bend for any one, and if my ‘new life’ makes anyone else uncomfortable, they don’t need to listen. But that doesn’t mean I am going to stop talking.


I think the few lessons I have learnt and would pass on is well; it’s not ok. and don’t let anyone tell you they know how YOU feel, because even I don’t know how you feel. Every story is different.


5 thoughts on “Every Story Is Different

  1. Such a great post! It’s so true – every story is different and we all react differently. I also get stuck in writing only about the bad and am trying now to write about the good so others can see growth and possibilities.

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    • So true, I feel like everytime I write about the negatives I am only showing that I haven’t been able to move forward, when I have moved so forward in life from the moments I started this blog. I’ve decided that I need to show others that life does move on, and that you do grow as a person, you learn to accept the pain.

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  2. Hello….been send hellos via space…lol….great post….yes, no two stories are the same….the plot maybe similar, but the characters, emotions, and the ending…if there ever isone will always be different… You sound mind healthy and I love the new outlook in your life….only you matter, and if course your partner….good for you….thinking of you often…glad to hear from you….hows the job?? Blessed be….kathy

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      • doing okay….really enjoying the coast..and all the peace and serenity it brings to me….there are quit a few campers, we are more used to being alone, but can’t have everything…LOL going to my sisters over labor day and will go home the same way 101, fingers crossed everyone has gone home to do the school thing leaving us alone along the way…..come back more often…your missed…XX kathy

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