Moving Faster than Expected.

Life tends to move faster when you don’t think about it. I’ve lost count of days, weeks and even the past month. It’s literally flown by without me realizing it. It’s vanished before my very eyes. I’ve come to the terms its not what happens to you, but how you react that matters. How you move forward. How you let the world and fate define you.

Sometimes I wish I could forget the past and live in the now, but I can’t. I remember the past; the hurt, the pain, but I also try my hardest to live for the now, some days I am better at it then others. Some days my head is in the clouds dreaming of the past and what should have been my future. I am learning to accept that my future is NOT what I had planned, but I am accepting it as it comes now. I try not to plan what the future is meant to be. Fate will always find a way to inflict its ways upon you.

Moving forward; life is about moving forward, I am not moving on, I am moving forward, to something better, to a life where I am accepting, to a life where I am not chasing after the past.


5 thoughts on “Moving Faster than Expected.

  1. I’m reading this in the midst of the most emotionally painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I just want to get thru tonight in hopes that I can lose track of the days. Thanks for sharing something so vulnerable.

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    • All I can say is take one day at a time, and they sooner or later tend to blend together. They take form together and you cant distinguish what day is what. But you just keep moving forward because you have no choice.
      Take care hun xx

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  2. Are your ears burning….I have been wondering how you are….I was thinking your busy at work and getting on with getting on….glad to see that you are moving forward….think of you and send good thoughts to you always…kathy

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