A New Opportunity

So today I made a decision that had been on my mind for a while, I couldn’t decide but I finally just did it. I have been applying for jobs for a while but it never really had my heart into it. But today I really tried, and the best news ever, I had a phone interview, and have a face to face interview on Friday. I didn’t really expect to get any responses on the first day of proper trying but I did.

It’s not full time, but it is 20 hours a week. And that’s 20 hours I won’t have to concentrate on my life. Now just to not get my hopes up. He was really impressed with my résumé, sure I didn’t really want to go back to chefing, but unfortunately no one wants to take someone on that has no experience except for hospitality.

I am excited for this, I thought I would be more nervous and scared with finally going back to work, but it’s quite the opposite. I find myself actually hoping that this opportunity happens for me. I want to be contributing again. I want to move forward. 

Now just the decision on whether or not I let my new boss know what has happened. There are good and bad reasons why I want to and don’t. Well at least I have tomorrow to mull over if I tell him.


5 thoughts on “A New Opportunity

  1. Good luck Hunni. When I applied for my job I did decide to tell them about losing my child at the interview, only because of certain questions I was asked, not so much about family life but how well can I cope with an emergency, stressful situations etc. you will know in yourself at the time if it’s the right time to tell potential employers. Best of luck! Xxx

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with bereavedmummy. I told in my interview as well, but it felt right (I had nothing to lose because I didn’t want to work with people who weren’t compassionate again). Only you will know; just go with your gut. Your decision will be the right one regardless if you get the job. Best of luck for Friday!!!

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