Not All Trigger Warning’s Come With A Label

Yesterday I was constantly getting phone calls from a Spacio Telecom company, and when I say calls I mean once every hour on the dot. However once I answered and told the person I was not interest and to please stop calling my home number, I was abused. The other person on the phone was arrogant, rude, and to be put correctly a prick. When told to stop calling me, his reply was “Why should I mam,” repeatedly and “Can I speak to the man of the house.” Once I told him there was no ‘man’ of the house, the phone line is in my name, so if he is going to speak to anyone it would be me he spoke to, I kept getting “Where is the man of the house?” By this point I was beyond frustrated, and angry. I had this anger that I haven’t felt since ever. It was a new type of anger. So I told the man to stop calling me and that I wasn’t interested with a few colourful words in between. Then for 2 hours I received 1 call every 15 minutes from the same number. A drastic increase if you ask me.
Now that is not the main reason of this post, you see the main reason is the aftermath. The anger, frustration, this furious rage that over came me. It was something I had never felt before, usually no matter the situation I am normally the agreeable calmness that soothes other’s. Yet this time, I was the tornado that ripped the roof of thousands of homes. I felt the anger for losing Ryker, I felt the anger for the doctor’s not knowing something was wrong, I felt the anger at myself, anger because of my self pity, anger at the rudest telemarketer I had ever come in contact with. Rage that if in that moment you had asked me how I felt, I would of told you to fuck off. Something I wouldn’t do.
My body ached to hurt something, anything. My body shaked with pent up frustration. I became fixed upon everything that hurt in my body and instead of pain, I felt the resentment and frustration people always ask me if I feel. I’ve felt it now, I know what those other mother’s are on about when they say they only felt anger, I know it now. It’s a little thing that turns your life into a degree of hatred.123687-280x190r1-anp1
I have calmed way back down, and I back to my self appointed calmness. I’ve returned to being ‘pleasant’, as some would say. Yet I can not get over that I felt such a anger, despair and frustration in one enormous hit. I had hoped that those emotions would convey over a slow period, not in one massive chargin. The enmity of being the 1 in 4, that unlucky person that had to go through this.
I guess not all trigger warning’s come with labels.


13 thoughts on “Not All Trigger Warning’s Come With A Label

  1. I am still doing my best to try to learn how to let go of anger. Mine has a different cause, but it’s something I refused to let myself feel for such a long time.

    And now it’s like, what do I do with it? Do I expect it to go away over time? Do I force it back down? Do I embrace it?

    I suppose I haven’t quite learned to just let it pass.

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    • When I had the anger, all I could concentrate on was the anger, nothing else. I didn’t write a post about when it happened because all I could do was be angry. I just slept on it really. It didn’t go away because I wanted it to. When I tried to make it go away it just festered and made me more angry.
      But I guess the only reason it left was because my partner this morning kept my mind away from it until I could think clearly about it.
      I know that probably doesn’t help, but that’s how I dealt with it, by letting myself be angry when I need to, then when I didn’t need to be anymore I concentrated on something completely different.
      Be kind to yourself and let everything you feel, be felt. It’s there for a reason.
      Dneika X

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  2. Other customer complaints about Spacio (hopefully, one of these will make you smile):

    18 times on a saturday and they kept calling even though I threatened to call the police

    They continue to call my mobile daily. I just hang up or my 2yr old speaks to them..they at least speak the same language

    I enjoyed myself. They cannot hang up so I spoke to them for over an hour and half until just recently. Good times were had by me

    I would to get my hands on these people. The calls don’t stop, and they don’t even speak anymore. It’s like they’re just calling for vengeance because I didn’t want their business the first time

    I’ve been having the same problem for over a week now! They won’t stop. I got another call while typing this post! You need to call their customer service on 1300 737 645 and press 8 for complaints. You will speak to a really nice person who apologies and will remove your number from the list (its probably going to take a day or so) but hopefully this will end!

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  3. i know what you mean with that level of rage when you’re triggered. i have been so tempted to smash things. it’s kind of a miracle that i haven’t. someone triggered me last week with a stupid comment and it took me down for 24 hours. at least i wrote him and told him, then we later discussed it. telemarketers deserve a “fuck off”. i totally give you permission to say it to the next one. 🙂 in the meantime, i hope that you are feeling better.

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