Still Have So Far To Go

I can’t lose the weight. It’s not that I don’t have motivation, it’s not that I don’t exercise or eat right. Because in all honesty I do. I exercise twice a day for a minimum of 30 minutes, I eat healthy, we don’t buy junk food or anything that is considered ‘bad’, I have the motivation, I have a fully energetic puppy that never lets me down. Yet I can’t seem to lose the weight I put on during pregnancy. In January I lost 10kg straight after giving birth, but ever sinceimages (17) then I have not lost 1kg. Nothing, nada.
Yoga, running, speed walking, squats, lunges, sit ups, (I can’t do push ups to save my life), and I exercise on with my gym ball. Yet nothing is happening. It’s not like I’m not pushing myself, I most definitely am, just the other day I went on a 2 hour speed walk with Rogue (The Puppy), ever since losing Ryker I have wanted to try and get back to my happy size 10, but it seems the harder I try, the less anything happens.
The weight seems to be a little reminder, that even though I have gone through everything, I still have so far to go.


19 thoughts on “Still Have So Far To Go

  1. If it is any help, I never lost the weight inbetween babies, but the 3rd one I lost weight while pregnant with him. I don’t know why you can’t lose the weight. Is it important to lose the weight before TTC again? I never did of course weight has always been my problem child.

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    • It’s more a I want to, because I’ve literally worked my but off to try and lose weight and I’ve not seen any results 😦 I didn’t put any weight on from this pregnancy until 28 weeks, Then I went boom.


  2. I didn’t lose any weight between my first miscarriage and getting pregnant with my son. I did lose weight in the first four months to being pregnant with him, though, surprisingly. Made me wonder if somehow stress was causing me to hold onto those extra pounds at the time.

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  3. I gained 80 pounds when I was pregnant. (Google says that’s 36.28 kilograms.) I was very young and thought, well, if I’m gonna get fat, might as well enjoy it. (If I remember correctly, Mounds bars were my favorite snack.) But it took many, many years for that weight to come off, and of course my measurements were never the same. There, now don’t you feel better that you’re not as bad off as I was? 🙂

    Instead of trying to get back to the weight you were before, just concentrate on being healthy. Women worry too much about their weight, anyway.

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    • I gained 26kg 😦 My favourite snack I would say was ice-cream. I really just want to get back to my ‘old clothes’, more than anything. I think I just want something back from my old life.

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      • I understand. I was never able to fit into my old clothes, and since I had to return to work after 6 weeks, I had to buy all new ones. New shoes, too. Did you know that shopping is a type of therapy? Seriously.

        Now I’m gonna try and make some fudge (never have before) and I’ll be thinking of all the women who are dieting when I do it. 😀


      • Hahahaha, Mmm, fudge, I’m more of a chocolate custard type, so good.
        And it’s only therapy when you can afford it, when I return to work I will be going on spree, that is for sure.

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      • I’m sorry, Dneika, for pushing fudge in your face. When I read about people being able to exercise to their heart’s content, I guess I get a little jealous. Anyway, it looks like fudge is not as easy to make as I thought… and what a mess.

        And I couldn’t afford my new wardrobe either, but here in America, we have lots and lots of credit cards and we use them whether we can afford to or not. Ah, the follies of youth…

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      • It’s ok, I love fudge, but I made egg pasta salad with home made mayo. It wasn’t sweet, but it taste good 🙂 I refuse to get a credit card, even though it would probably help me with some extra cash. To be young and ‘free’. X


  4. I just came to realized that you’ve visited me a couple of times. Thank you for passing by! I came by to check on your site and realized about your child loss and that is one of the most saddest thing ever can happend to any mother ….

    My 2 1/2 years old daughter died the last 2 years and the pain is still unbearable. Not all people do understand such pain and people fear those who suffers such fate they cannot comprehend.

    And I am trying my best to do what is right for myself and for my family.

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    • I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter, and I know no words will ever take that pain away. Your loss may be different, but us grieving Mama’s are the only one’s who understand that loss. Thank you for taking the time to read!
      Be kind to yourself Mama,
      Dneika X

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  5. I feel for you. The reminder you speak of is so insightful. I love that you look inward. that you see more to the things your going through than physical. It of course is so much more. When your mind and heart heal more, i have a feeling your body will return to a more “normal” state too. Thank you for sharing.

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  6. You don’t need to do all that huffing and puffing exercises to loose weight. It’s a myth that exercise makes one loose weight because after a while the body adjusts to the expended energy, stops to loose weight and goes back to normal. Unless one does a lot of it of course but that’s not good because in the long run it’s damaging. All you need is walking each day and to watch your sugar intake especially. Sugar is everywhere and people don’t realise how much sugar they ingest each day. One of the way to stop consuming sugar is to opt for savoury foodstuff instead of sweet ones and acquire a taste for coffee or tea without sugar which are even nicer. To sum weight control up about how many calories one consumes. It’s a good idea as I do after learning how many calories each foodstuff more or less has to make a mental count of how many calories one ingests whenever one eats. A woman needs 2.000 calories a day so don’t exceed that amount during a day. Therefore if in the morning you succumb to the temptation of eating two doughnuts for instance that’s is nearly five hundred calories which means that the rest of the day you can only eat 1500. This is my way of controlling my weight and it works. I used to dislike maths and calculations but they are very useful for many things in life, including regulating one’s weight

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    • Thanks for the tip, I’m not a big eater, but I might have to start actually counting my calories. I know sugar is one of my week spots. But I do try and find foods that don’t have much. I’m might try being more strict. Thanks again, it’s rather useful information!

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