The “Rogue” Saviour

I have loved my pet Puppy (Rogue), more than I have loved myself at times, she has been with me and my partner through all our heart aches with Ryker, giving us constant love and reassurance that we are good people and are loved without reservation, without question, she is my friend, confidant and even my child in some ways, she’s been there when people have let me down. She is trusting, faithful, fun and family. She simplifies this very confusing and confronting world.

11225632_10152994144768922_1326278901_nAs any pet owner knows, pets don’t have the same type of hang-ups or grudges that humans have. They’re perfectly willing to walk with you through life, comfort you in your troubles and cheer you on when life is grand. Mary McCoy said it well when she summed up her relationship with her dog, “He has been a part of my whole marriage and we have made some wonderful memories with him by our side.”

Sometimes it’s the little things that shape relationships in life, and the relationship with a pet is no different.  There are millions of little stories that Rogue, Tim and I could share that would make you laugh or make you cry; like when she was only 4 months old, Rogue latched onto my pants leg and tried to drag me from one of the house to the other, or everyday Rogue would ‘bond’ with my heavily pregnant belly, she would just plant her head on my belly and cuddle up to it, or she would sniff the belly and not let anyone else near it.

Rogue is the reason I get out of bed some days, she whinges and whines if she doesn’t get 2 walks in each day, she barks at me as if to tell me, “No, we are not spending the day in bed, get your ass up now.” And she is the little/large creature I cry to when Tim is not home; she comforts me and reassures me we are going to be ok.

11281710_10153002193648922_2119492142_nWalks along the beach, trips to the park, and little adventures with no one but us, she really is a saviour in disguise. Who knew that getting a puppy at 29 weeks pregnant was actually a really good idea. 11292015_10153011023868922_533242956_n

Is my devotion to Rogue somehow inappropriate? Am I subconsciously asking her to fill a role she could never occupy, by treating her as a surrogate child? But while I might care for her with the same intensity a mother does her child, I’m quite aware she’s not human. In fact, that’s partly why I find our devotion to each other so moving; her sheer canine-ness inspires me like no person ever has. And I am truly grateful.


7 thoughts on “The “Rogue” Saviour

  1. She is beautiful:) and, you know, I read a study recently that found that somehow through evolution (scientists cannot understand why) dogs are emitting levels of oxytocin that are incredibly similar to the oxytocin hormones a mother releases when she bonds with her child. It is not the same. It will never be the same. But, you are a mother to that beautiful little girl, four legs or not:)

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    • Thank you, I’m constantly asked what breed she is. That wouldn’t surprise me really, dog’s really are an amazing creature, why wouldn’t they have amazing abilities too.

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  2. Wow… Such a lovely dog you have at your home… Rogue is really a sweet feminine dog… I hope she doesn’t harm your child unknowingly… And takes care of your child…. Maybe your first love would be Rogue and then others… Hope she never gets away from you and you both stay with each other till the end…!!!!😊😊😋😋👍👍


  3. We have been dreaming of getting a rescue for a while now. Your story just makes me feel that much more confident in our choice. Sadly, we need to move first, but then… Puppy love is priceless! 💚

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    • Puppy love really is priceless. I can’t imagine our life without her. She really did change our life for the better. Especially when I was put on bed rest while pregnant, she was my main companion. What kind of puppy would you like to get?

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      • We actually have very little preference! We want to adopt from a local shelter and just hope to find the right one. There are some breeds we know aren’t right for us, but somewhere in line with a lab or springer spaniel would be wonderful! We just need to sell our apartment. We’ve been trying for a year.

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      • We Unfortunatley didn’t get our puppy from a shelter, we wanted to bit none really fit with us, so we ended up buying one from a man selling them on facebook, she was only 8 weeks old, and we know most everything about her and Rogue just happened to be the runt of the liter, you couldn’t say that now though when looking at her. The Border Collie X Staffy mix has ended up being really great in our favour though. Shes super energetic and so so smart. I hope you sell your apartment soon! It would be good so you could get a puppy! 🙂

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