Psychic Sceptic

So I am what some people would call a complete sceptic, especially when it comes to the supernatural and all religions.

In spiritualism, a medium is one with whom spirits communicate directly. In an earlier, simpler but more dramatic age, a good medium would produce voices or apports, ring bells, float or move things across a darkened room, produce automatic writing or ectoplasm, and in short provide good entertainment value for money.

Today’s most successful mediums, however, simply claim the dead communicate through them. Under a thin guise of doing “spiritual healing” and “grief counselling”, they use traditional cold reading techniques and sometimes surreptitiously gather information about their subject to give the appearance of transmitting comfort messages from the dead. Most of the time the medium rely strongly upon the motivation of their clients to validate words, initials, statements, or signs as accurate. This doesn’t mean that all Spiritualist séances are chicanery.

Just because I don’t believe doesn’t mean others don’t. Just like religion.

So  today I had a grieving mother talk to me about seeing Psychics Medium, and as usual I put on the ‘I’m interested face’, with actually being completely sceptical. You see her story was that the medium talked to her about her deceased son and about all her miscarriages. I didn’t tell her I thought she was full of crap, I didn’t ask if she was wearing any jewellery or if she had prebooked her reading. I guess if you want to believe that your child or loved one is communicating to you, believe that. But when she started trying to tell me that I need to go see one, so I can get in contact with Ryker, I nearly lost the plot.

I will not pay someone who I believe is a phony. I told her this, and all I got was, ‘but don’t you want to find out about Ryker,’ this hit a very sensitive nerve. You see I would love to hear about Ryker, I do love hearing people say his name, or mention him in general, but why should I go see a medium? Why would I want someone in my opinion to pray on my grievance?

But I’m always one who likes to be proven wrong, and maybe someday someone will prove me wrong and psychics are real, and I will not have a problem with it, but until then  I will remain a sceptic.


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