Trigger Warning

Today has been a very long day, and to top it off whilst scrolling through my Facebook news feed I came across something very disturbing. Something that not only angers me but also makes me really wonder about life sometimes. The article was from 2013, however I had not heard about it.

A Mother stabbed her eight-month-old baby 90 times mostly in the face with scissors, for biting her while she was breastfeeding. The poor boy needed over 100 stitches, and apparently this mother does NOT suffer from any mental illnesses, and a kick in the face, she gets her child back. The government refused to take the child off of its mother because she lives with the babies two other guardians, the child’s uncles. I will point out this happened in Xuzhou, an mom-stabbed-breastfeeding-babyeastern province named Jiangsu in China. However, that should be no reason for the government not to act swiftly.

How in the world do you stab your baby? How in the world does she have a child and I do not?

Then I did something that I knew would anger me just a little bit more, I looked at the comments. Most of the comments where ‘she should rot in hell’, or ‘how did she not get prison time,’ but there is always the one that ‘supports’ the mother, there is always a troll, this person names ‘Laurie’ on ever post told that person to ‘Get a life’. Why do I torment myself by reading these comments, they work me up and make me want to scream.

Then for whatever stupid reason made me click on the link that read ‘Father Guilty of Throwing Daughter off a Cliff’, I will never know, but I did. This story seemed to just add fuel to the fire, a father in the USA was convicted of premeditated murder for throwing his 4 year old daughter off a Pacific Ocean cliff to avoid paying child support. He had wanted his partner to get an abortion and he tried to get her deported back to England. So he wouldn’t have to pay $1000 a month in child support.

This article all the comments I could find on this article where that ‘the system let the girl down’, not the father, the system. That doesn’t give this man the right to murder his own daughter, over money.

download (1)How are these people able to have children? How? It infuriates me that these people are still able to have children one day, when all I wanted was my little boy. From now on I have banned myself from reading any article that is going to get me this angry again. Basically anything to do with children or babies being hurt or murdered, because I just anger myself and I fuel the fire by reading comments.However, my turmoil anger usually comes when a story about an Australian killing their own child, or a child go’s missing, they tend to hit closer to home because most of the time you don’t think it happens here, it doesn’t happen in “Down Under”, but unfortunately it happens them more than I would like to admit.


18 thoughts on “Trigger Warning

  1. Makes me want to scream when I hear these things. I can’t stomach the thought of ever hurting people or animals let alone my own child! I learned long ago that with my anxiety/ depression I can’t really follow the news. I feel bad sometimes for being out of the loop, but sometimes it’s not worth the heartache.

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  2. The one that made me lose it was the video of the women in China kicking and punching her toddler in the street (I saw it some months back). I don’t understand what is wrong with these people! If you didn’t want a kid or you weren’t ready for a kid then keep your legs closed!

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  3. so sad…all of it….makes me hug not only my children but any child I get the chance to hug, I hold on just a little longer and whisper in their ears sweet words of love and encouragement….just not fair…..

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  4. Your all posts are truly awesome and i loved reading them… You can be a very good writer… You express your feelings and emotions in such an easy and in interesting manner that it is easily understandable to the readers…!!! Hope you continue writing in the same way…. Keep posting and be positive in life…!!!!😊😊😊😋😋👍👍

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