Ryker’s Tune

As long as I don’t watch the video clip I won’t cry.

Ask any ‘Angel Parent’ what their song is, we all have one. It’s that special song you connect with when you think of your child. It’s a song that cradles your emotions; it’s that hot chocolate on a cold night. The song can tear you up or raise you up. It can be a song you hate to love or love to love.  Beautiful elegant words spun into musical notes that reach the heart of those around or those who need the helping hand. The idea of a song so over powering to such an individual scares me, it comforts me and it soothes me.

My song that’s dubbed ‘Ryker’s Tune’ is “My Name” by George Canyon. Many people won’t know it or if you do you will recognise the name. The song is not my situation (We knew Ryker’s name before he was even born) but it’s basically my emotions on a lot of things regarding Ryker.  I listen to it when I’m down, if I can’t sleep or if I’m happy. No matter the emotion of the day I listen to the song with a smile on my face, and unshed tears in my eyes.

If that listen doesn’t perk me up, I then turn to one of my favourite artist Tracy Chapman, “The Promise” is that song when I’m down in the dumps thinking of all the things I should be accomplishing with my baby boy. I loved the song before I even knew my partner and Ryker was not even a blimp on the radar. But now, this song completes me when I need to feel my boy closer to me.

If you as a parent, friend, family or even the perfect stranger have a song that inspires, completes and is you, share with me, because I know not just parent’s who have lost a child connect with songs.


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